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    So you think G2 should be silver? It basically is.... What do you do when you have 6 G2 teams in one div? 3 go up to G1 & 3 go down to S1?
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    Yest that's the way it should be. Div one to div six. Top team moves up to next level bottom team drops down a level in a year you would have way better soccer because kids would see teams dropping and going up as is now no one cares.
    If you watch MLS soccer you can clearly see that our kids lack game pace and presence at every level. There is money in the game now coaches and boards should do way more to help our kids.
    With out good program very few kids from our area will make Div one soccer when they go to University in Canada or US. Go and watch kids in gold two they very seldom can string four passes and most can not sprint.
    We need to spend more time on quick feet quick runs and lower core work outs along with skill development.
    Kids will only play the game if the can win half of the games each year. Lots quit because coaches put them in a wrong level.
    There is nothing wrong with silver soccer kids still learn and get better. If you put them in G2 and the get clocked each weekend half will walk away from the game. There is no need to hide things from kids. Be open show them the way they will get there.

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