1. southsloper

    BC Coastal Soccer League 2019/2020 Schedules

    For 2019/20 BCCSL have changed the league's website/scheduling platform from GotSoccer to Stack Sports. As of this evening, only the Metro division (both boys & girls) games are available, and still awaiting district schedulers to enter/change dates, start times & venues. Division 1 will be...
  2. S

    Metro no more?

    Hello, wondering how the next season will be different with Metro dissolving and becoming part of Division 1,2,3 etc? Anyone have any info on effects or disadvantages? Does this change the appeal of HPL? Thanks!
  3. Q

    Question re- u13 metro selected leauge

    hello all, I don't know the soccer clubs and would appreciate your thoughts : Is there a difference in the soccer level/coaching/training between metro vancouver (VFC ) and BDMS (burnaby)? And does any of them have stronger links to HPL? ( fusion and mountain). Thanks in advance
  4. S

    Are metro coaches allowed to bring players from HPL?

    Hi, It has been brought to my attention that some teams in the boys metro select league are bringing in players from HPL to play some regular season games. I was wondering if players are allowed to be brought in from HPL to play "some" games and then leave right after? Are the coaches of these...
  5. M

    Why No Metro Players on BC Provincial Teams?

    BC Soccer is shooting themselves in the foot by ignoring the small but quality pool of talent playing at the youth Metro level. Why do they refuse to consider for provincial teams all and any players playing at this level? Case in point - my son's youth Metro team team has played a particular...