[TeamSnap June 3, 2015 podcast] Tony Waiters "Changes in Youth Soccer"


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Aug 25, 2015
An old but still relevant piece about Youth Soccer...

from: TeamSnap June 3, 2015
Episode 32
Tony Waiters: Changes in Youth Soccer

In a youth soccer world where competition is always increasing and pressure on athletes is always rising, how can coaches keep things fun?

Tony Waiters thinks we should give the game back to the kids. Over the course of his soccer career, he's been an English National Goalie, a Men's National Head Coach, and a youth soccer coach. Currently, his company, World of Soccer, works to improve the youth game. Tony and host Emily Cohen cover many topics, such as how to deal with overbearing parents, the best ways to coach young soccer players, and what rules need to change. If you call yourself a soccer fan, you'll love this podcast!