Should youth soccer season move away from the winter months?

Discussion in 'Youth Leagues & Cups' started by jmoulins, Feb 4, 2017.

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    The rest of us carried him on our backs!

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    Base - completely disagree with limiting player movement. If players are moving from a club it's usually for a good reason. Be it personal, or soccer-based, it's for a good reason.

    I agree with ending yearly tryouts. Assess kids and place them based on game/training performance from the season before. Leave maybe 2 "question mark" spots on each roster for new trialists that turn up in August (ie, moved from another town or province and need a team).

    I don't think teams are based only on the 2-3 days of tryouts, but certainly that is the appearance that is given. In a way the 2-3 days tryouts does at least give some confirmation of who is playing and who isn't. But, it's a passive way of finding out. Just ask the kids when the season is done (or their parents) and if they say no, move on, if they say yes then great.

    Having a coach for 3 years is good - but sometimes the coach and team don't mix and you need a change.

    I agree that TD's and staff coaches should be picking the competitive teams, not the volunteer coaches. The volunteer coaches need to be there to give some insight into the players personality - but that can be flawed. I've been warned many times of players previously from a volunteer coach about a players behaviour - have found more often than not that player becomes one of my captains and are a fantastic person and player. It never occurs to some people that they are the problem, not the player (or the player had a personal issue outside of soccer at that time).

    Yes, we need 6 pro clubs in BC. That would be a dream come true. Whitecaps, Whitecaps 2, Canadian Premier League (ideally 1 in Victoria, 1 in Lower Mainland) but after that no clue where the other 2 teams would come from. Maybe in 10 years a 3rd CanPL team could start up in Vancouver proper, GVRD or Okanagan after the initial 2 are running? Right now it's completely unknown if we will even have 1 CanPL team in year 1.

    Yes, the playing season should change for competitive teams to match the BCSPL calendar.

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