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Discussion in 'Youth Leagues & Cups' started by Glen Kelleway, Sep 11, 2015.

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    I have been looking to find the number of times a player can permit up from a div team to an MSL Team.

    I can't locate an specific reference to a limit on the number of times a player can permit up or if it is unlimited.

    All I can see is a reference to the movement onto a MSL team must be completed by Dec 31 and needs to be authorized by the district and the team.

    Can anyone point me to the section in the rules where it clearly states that there is an unlimited number of times that a player can permit up before Dec 31 (cup play starts after that date) or if there is a LIMIT.

  2. TKBC

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    If you find the transfer form itself this may answer your question. Drop an email to league executive. I seem to recall a rule of x3/season max....?
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    From the MSL 2015/2016 Policy/Information document:

    I'm not seeing a limit for a single player per season in there, maybe someone else has a better eye than me, I've attached the complete document here.

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    Wow why would MSL permits be different than regular? I see they can permit for League Cup too, whereas we cannot, forcing us to transfer if we want these players to be eligible for us after Christmas.

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