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Jun 23, 2015
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Jan Sherman Farewell

I began my career in soccer 25 years ago as a team mom for my sons LUYSA team graduating on to being a club scorekeeper. It wasn't too long before I was asked to collect the scores for the entire Fraser Valley League, delivering copies of the standings to the monthly meetings. By the time the Internet was starting to become prominent and emails more common, I had become the statistician for more Leagues. Delivering results had become inefficient, so I decided that it would be a good idea to have a web site to house the standings that the coaches & players could access.

I learned HTML code and began a youth soccer standings site. League schedules were added and BC Soccer Central started growing. It wasn't long before I added tournaments, tryouts, messages from the Leagues & clubs and an entire list of all the soccer pitches that the Leagues use. That took almost 5 years to get all the field addresses and then link them to maps. I think that was my proudest achievement with this site.

As time progressed, I ended up maintaining the schedules and standings for 11 Leagues. 2 District Boys, Metro Girls, 4 District Boys, CFV Girls, 5 District Boys, South Fraser Girls, Boys Selects, 5 District Girls, Delta House Boys, Alouette-Westminster Boys & Surrey Metro District 1 Boys.

Although I have enjoyed the 17 years doing BC Soccer Central, I'm at the point now that I would like to move on and try different endeavours. I have passed BC Soccer Central on to Robin Regnier, who is no stranger to the soccer community.

I would very much like to thank all the unsung heroes of all soccer clubs, the scorekeeper. These men and women have given much time and energy to gathering and passing on the scores to me and have been instrumental and keeping the score is up-to-date and correct. They have patiently track down score discrepancies and make sure you're League games and Cup games and make up games are put in the right place. Without them, collecting scores for hundreds of teams would be impossible.

Although I will miss my soccer work and the people I have been dealing with, I am delighted about having my Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays back to do with as I like. I am pleased that soccer central will continue and will move forward under Robin's guidance.

Thank you to all the Leagues, the representatives, the coaches & players and of course, the wonderful Scorekeepers. Thank you to all the visitors...

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Broxi Bear

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Sep 15, 2015
An example of someone extremely important behind the scenes, that most people don't know about, that should.

Unsung hero of the local soccer community for years.

Nicely done Jan, and thanks.