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    There are a few members here that have gone through the mill from the sounds of it, so I have a question. Mountain United just finished picking there U13 intake team. They definitely went a certain direction in the players they picked, all highly skilled foot dribblers that have the tendency to hang on to the ball way too long. Players that displayed fewer touches and the ability to move the ball quickly were overlooked or under appreciated, not sure yet. Having watched these kids develop over the last number of years, I tend to see the kids that don't pass often don't seem to become passers and after four or five years they still have the same desire to out dribble everyone and lose the ball before passing. I believe the intention of the MU coach is that he will be able to take these players and develop them into elite play-makers building on their technical skills. So far I haven't seen that happen. From my understanding of Euro academies they have an appreciation of those ball dribblers but also look for the passers and movers. By having a mix of both you build a solid foundation of a group to work with. So the question, is this what has been common for BCSPL teams, just taking one type of player and not seeing the quality of the others? Is this why Canada lags behind from the rest of the world, that elite play-makers can't be taught how to do it, you either can or can't. I know a number of kids that were cut that can dribble and have the same elite foot skills, but because they understand the game and think that passing and movement is far more effective, they don't show as well and are missed. Everyone's thoughts would be highly appreciated. Signed confused.
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    If they are doing assessments properly they've been given a list of names based on year long recommendations - then whittled down the selections from those. I would hope they haven't picked players at this level from a few trial days.

    I know what you mean though - I have a CM (u11) that is dominant at CM. Does nothing fancy. But never puts a foot wrong. He'll get overlooked because of it if the assessors aren't paying attention.

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