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Discussion in 'Youth Leagues & Cups' started by D. Cummings, Sep 15, 2015.

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    Scoured the website, but can't seem to find where to submit scores. Can anybody help?
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    Well, right on the 5DL homepage, there is an email address for scorekeepers, but I think that is for your District or Club scorekeeper to send compiled results reported by their clubs/teams...

    On the 5DL Operating Rules & Guidelines (a PDF document), in the Getting Started section of the doc.
    17. Win or lose, always report game scores by Sunday evening at 7:00 pm to your District Scorekeeper. If neither team reports a score, it may be recorded as a double forfeit.

    Each league and club probably has it's own score reporting protocol, i.e. the BCCGSL asks the winning teams to report via email, the game score to scoretakers for each age group. For ties, the home team reports that result.
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    This is correct.

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