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    Here's your chance to express your views if you haven't already

    Dear Coaches,

    In support of Canada Soccer’s initiative to study/evaluate the implementation of Long Term Player Development (LTPD) across grassroots soccer in Canada, BC Soccer is pleased to pass along the below message and survey link which is designed specific for you in your role within soccer in Canada.

    Canada Soccer wants to hear from each and every participant in the soccer community. Whether you are a coach, player, the parent of a youth player, referee or soccer administrator, Canada Soccer wants to hear about your experiences in soccer in recent years, and what your understanding of and views on LTPD are. To do this, the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) has contracted sport consultancy Capitis Consulting to assess how far LTPD has been implemented across soccer in Canada.

    Ten years ago, the CSA introduced LTPD as the core framework to develop soccer players in Canada. Since then, Canada Soccer and their members have worked to implement LTPD into the game of soccer and how it is played, coached and programmed around the country. Canada Soccer is keen to understand in more detail how far LTPD has been implemented into day-to-day Canadian soccer, and what the broader Canadian soccer community thinks of LTPD.

    Please take a few minutes to complete this survey, giving your feedback on the LTPD. This is a great opportunity to have a genuine say in how soccer can be developed into the future, and how you’ve felt it has been delivered over the past few years. The survey closes on Saturday December 31, 2016, so be sure to complete it before then and have your opinions heard.

    To read more on the survey, please see the article on the BC Soccer Website - BC Soccer.

    Complete the survey now by clicking of the link below and be a part of helping better the game.

    National Grassroots LTPD Survey (CSA)

    Kind Regards,

    BC Soccer
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    I took the time. Easy to do!
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