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    Question re- u13 metro selected leauge

    hello all, I don't know the soccer clubs and would appreciate your thoughts : Is there a difference in the soccer level/coaching/training between metro vancouver (VFC ) and BDMS (burnaby)? And does any of them have stronger links to HPL? ( fusion and mountain). Thanks in advance
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    Metro Select Schedule for 2016-2017?

    Hello- I realize that everyone has been possibly been away for part of the summer, but would anyone have idea on when we will see the Metro Select League schedule? Thanks-- Russ
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    2014/15 BC Coastal A Cup Champions - Girls

    U13 Champions: North Shore Girls Renegades Runners-up: CMF Rebels U14 Champions: Poco Castillians Runners-up: Surrey Guildford United U15 Champions: WVSC Rangers Runners-up: Vancouver FC U15G U16 Champions: Port Moody Storm Runners-up: Delta Coastal Selects Sting U18 Champions: Upper Island...
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    2014/15 BC Coastal A Cup Champions - Boys

    U13 Champions: NVFC Selects Runners-up: Delta Coastal Selects U14 Champions: Port Moody AC Selects Runners-up: Burnaby Selects U15 Champions: Delta Coastal Selects Runners-up: CCB Eagles U16 Champions: CMF United Runners-up: Burnaby Selects U18 Champions: Burnaby Selects Runners-up: CCB Selects
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    2014/15 Metro Selects League Champions - Girls

    U13 Girls Champions: North Shore Renegades Runner Up: Central City Breakers El U14 Girls Champions: PCE Castilians Runner Up: Delta Coastal Selects U15 Girls Champions: WVSC Rangers Runner Up: Vancouver FC U16 Girls Champions: Port Moody Storm Runner Up: SFC Pegasus 99 U18 Girls Champions...
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    2014/15 Metro Selects League Champions - Boys

    U13 Boys Champions: SFC Pegasus Runner Up: Cliff Avenue U14 Boys Champions: Port Moody Selects Runner Up: Burnaby Selects U15 Boys Champions: Surrey Guildford United Runner Up: Richmond United U16 Boys Champions: SFC Pegasus Runner Up: Burnaby Selects U18 Boys Champions: Richmond United...