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    TD Series: Ian Knight

    I had the old ball and net combo. Was talking w/ Dave H the other day at the shop...when we were kids, every Brad Higgs player got a ball and net. That thing came everywhere, and was confiscated more than a few times at school. Mrs. Ogurion didn't like me playing in the classroom. We called her...
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    TD Series: Ian Knight

    With all due respect, good sir, ;) the smug comment especially irked mw w/ respect to questioning the quality of Canadian Professional Coaches who haven't had that true professional exposure. I'm calling complete BS on that, and we all also know coaches in the Professional Circles, whom have had...
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    TD Series: Paul Bahia

    Now this was a great article. If I were selecting clubs / coaches based solely on what I'm reading in this series, I'd put my kid through Paul's programs.
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    TD Series: Ian Knight

    This: "Additionally, a big difference is the players themselves… Players in the UK don’t need to be told to go to training, they are constantly playing/training themselves. Pick-up games at the park, street or backyard are happening all the time. Maybe it’s cultural, maybe it is comparable to...
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    TD Series: Ian Knight

    Dunno, of all the TD articles I've read, I found this to be smug, actually. Now, he didn't come right out and say it, but what he's implying is that if you haven't had pro experience, as a player or coach, in a true professional environment, you lack the aptitude. Am I the only one reading...
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    TD Series: Ciaran McMahon

    Another great article, and it's interesting to read the differences in background, yet similarities in philosophy- especially at the grassroots / initiation levels, between Mark and Ciaran. Really looking forward to the next few articles, because there are some gems to be pulled from both!
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    TD Series: Mark Rogers

    Really liked this. Nice job.