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  1. CoastalGunner
    Soccer Dad (TSS Rovers), long suffering Arsenal and Whitecaps supporter, and proud member of Valour FC and the Canadian Premier league.
  2. Coach Ian
    Coach Ian Admin
    Hi is there a way of editing a post that I wrote? To fair I called a person "No rocket Scientist" and that was uncalled for.
    1. Admin
      I think the cutoff is 30 minutes or something like that.
      Oct 21, 2017
  3. HonestJoe
    I call it how I see it
  4. HonestJoe
    I call it how I see it
  5. Tom Gill
    Tom Gill
    If I was a board member of Central City Breakers I would not let either team continue in district cup play. Lets what the board will do.
  6. Tom Gill
    Tom Gill
    RCMP called to Newton Park as fight breaks out. Two Central City Breaker U16 Boys team fight after a Sandra Duncan District Cup game.
  7. Kaelan Henders
    Kaelan Henders Admin
    Hello, just wondering if someone can please tell me if they are going to tier the U18 DIVISION 4 District 5 again into 2 groups of 8 after Christmas?
  8. gambeta
    gambeta Admin
    whom in here has provided any pics. or video to support their statements
    1. Admin
      No one that I am aware of, why?
      Oct 15, 2016
  9. Shauna Kelly
    Shauna Kelly
    Seeking Female Soccer Players Born 2000,1999&1998.To Join our North East Team &Play in the BC Aboriginal Provincials.Message me for details!
  10. godbapujr
    Hi im a young aspiring soccer player that is passionate about the game
  11. SoccerMom
    I can't keep calm. I am a soccer mom!
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  12. BHerd
    BHerd WTF
    Totally with ya WTF!
    This is why there is a Sandra Duncan Cup for one spot to be earned @ Coastals and the other route is making it into the top 6 bracket during league cup play downs and finishing in the top 2 as this too will open up 2 additional spots into Coastal Cup.
    Surrey is an extremely tough district to find success in due to the highly competitive teams.
  13. Kathy Lawler
    Kathy Lawler
    Looking for any info on registering my grandson in south surrey/semiahmoo soccer - links don't work
    1. Admin
      Hi Kathy, Coastal FC would be the club in that area - have you been able to contact them?

      Here is their website url:
      Sep 4, 2015
    2. Kathy Lawler
      Kathy Lawler
      Great - thanks - now that I have the current website we should be good to go. My girls stopped playing before the amalgamation. Links on BC Soccer should be removed for the old clubs if possible as it's confusing :).
      Sep 5, 2015
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