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Flight Team Coach Phone Other Phone
U18 B WVSC Rangers Leo Nash 604 764-1661 Indira Fisher 604 833-9808
U15 WVSC Rangers Tom D'Orazio 604-551-7035 Maaria Curlier 604-921-9230
U14 WVSC Rangers Matt Walker 604-812-2971 Heather Moffat 604 812-1316
U13 A WVSC Rangers Gareth Hughes 604-929-2583 Eileen Huster 604-805-3235
U18 A G WVSC Rangers Anne Pellerud 604-925-5556 Sharon Nagle 778-387-4704
U16 G WVSC Rangers Steve Dewar 604-922-2298 Jane Dewar 604-617-6722
U15 G WVSC Rangers Kyle Thompson 604-364-6756 Chris Doyle 604-892-7823
U14 G WVSC Rangers Dave Hargreaves 604-886-4567 Sandra Strang 604-922-0166
U13 A G WVSC Rangers Matt Walker 604-812-2971 Nini Parente 604-926-6846


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