U18 S2 Team Schedule

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field
6 SEP 14 NVF Corvettes KLM United Sat 7:30PM MapConfederation Park (Turf)
13 SEP 14 WVA Waves NVF Corvettes Sat 2:00PM MapAmbleside E
20 SEP 14 NVF Corvettes NVF Challengers Sat 7:30PM MapConfederation Park (Turf)
27 SEP 14 WBN Centennials NVF Corvettes Sat 4:00PM MapBurnaby Lake West #4
4 OCT 14 NVF Corvettes NVF Storm 97 Sat 7:30PM MapConfederation Park (Turf)
18 OCT 14 KLM United NVF Corvettes Sat 2:00PM MapMemorial South Turf
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 NVF Challengers 7:30PM Map Confederation Park (Turf) Robert Dell 604-990-5529
          Filenia Schoinoplokakis 604-984-6454
          Ilona Wardas 604-984-8656
2 WBN Centennials 4:00PM Map Burnaby Lake West #4 Gino Porco 604-677-2458
          Alfonso Pereira 604-438-9345
3 NVF Storm 97 2:00PM Map McCartney Creek Park Donald Livingstone 604-987-6604
    alternate 2:30PM Sunrise Park AW Chris Waller 604-723-5107
4 NVF Corvettes 7:30PM Map Confederation Park (Turf) Brent Willox 604-984-8430
          Theresa Cividin 604-984-3060
          Susie Goodall 604-984-7218
5 WVA Waves 2:00PM Map Ambleside E Rob Flipse 604-926-4629
6 KLM United 2:00PM Map Memorial South Turf Darrell Wong 604 327-1216
          Klaus Iden 604-321-1091


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