U18 S1 Team Schedule

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field
6 SEP 14 WVA Eagles CAU Michielin Sat 2:00PM MapAmbleside E
13 SEP 14 CAU Michielin RFC Gunners Sat 11:00AM MapBurnaby North Turf
20 SEP 14 VAFC Athletic CAU Michielin Sat 2:00PM MapVancouver Technical
27 SEP 14 CAU Michielin SBM Gunners Sat 11:00AM MapBurnaby North Turf
4 OCT 14 VUFC 97Celtics CAU Michielin Sat 4:00PM MapUBC Warren AT
18 OCT 14 CAU Michielin WVA Eagles Sat 11:00AM MapBurnaby North Turf
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 CAU Michielin 11:00AM Map Burnaby North Turf Livio Michielin 604-294-3943
2 WVA Eagles 2:00PM Map Ambleside E Don Cameron 604-922-2486
          Dave Harlos 604-990-9935
3 RFC Gunners 12:15PM Map Hugh Boyd Blue AT Ian Hers 604-992-0714
          Sukh Johal  
4 VAFC Athletic 2:00PM Map Vancouver Technical Colin Lennie 604-873-4130
          Ken Shymka 604-254-5907
5 SBM Gunners 10:00AM Map Byrne Creek Turf Fred Quan 604-185-5880
          Ashton Byrne 604-616-1998
6 VUFC 97Celtics 4:00PM Map UBC Warren AT Ian Corlett 604-872-5052
          Tim Bramwell 604-771-5001


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