U17 S Team Schedule

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field
25 OCT 14 KLM Benfica SBM Wild Dogs Sat 10:15AM MapMemorial South Turf
1 NOV 14 CAU Penguins KLM Benfica Sat 5:00PM MapBurnaby North Turf
8 NOV 14 KLM Benfica NVF Flames-98 Sat 10:15AM MapMemorial South Turf
15 NOV 14 WVA Storm KLM Benfica Sat 12:00PM MapAmbleside E
22 NOV 14 KLM Benfica Bye Bye      
29 NOV 14 KLM Benfica SBM Burnaby FC Sat 10:15AM MapMemorial South Turf
6 DEC 14 VUFC Dunbar Boys KLM Benfica Sat 2:00PM MapPoint Grey Turf.
13 DEC 14 KLM Benfica RCY The Storm Sat 10:15AM MapMemorial South Turf
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 CAU Penguins 5:00PM Map Burnaby North Turf Ross Powell 604-433-9774
2 NVF Flames-98 12:00PM Map Cleveland South Grass Eric Butler 778-839-7889
    alternate 12:30PM Cleveland School AW Bill Neen 604-985-5756
3 WVA Storm 12:00PM Map Ambleside E Ed Langford 778-231-5344
          Ed White 778-279-8870
5 SBM Burnaby FC 12:00PM Map Byrne Creek Turf Bal Sanghera 604-230-1177
          Paul Hundle 778-837-7923
6 VUFC Dunbar Boys 2:00PM Map Point Grey Turf. Ian MacPhee 604-738-2677
          Derrick Out 604-264-1690
7 RCY The Storm 12:00PM Map Queen's Park East Turf Juhn Puffer 604-644-4610
8 RFC Ravens 10:45AM Map Minoru #2 Parm Sandhu 604-831-5697
          Elaine Larson 604-889-3404
9 KLM Benfica 10:15AM Map Memorial South Turf Sara Jose 778-883-5860
          Michael Fung 604 433-8153
10 VAFC 98Impact 10:15AM Map Vancouver Technical Martin Littlejohn 604-351-0202
          Eric Teevens 604-505-1116
11 SBM Wild Dogs 12:00PM Map Byrne Creek Turf Gerry Schwab 604-430-3321
          Greg Senior  
12 VUFC Whitecaps 2:00PM Map Point Grey Turf. Nick Wells 604-267-0585
          Justin Jelic 604-709-9711


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