U16 S1 Team Schedule

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field
6 SEP 13 MAR 98United VUFC Whitecaps Fri 6:15PM MapMemorial South Turf
14 SEP 13 VUFC Whitecaps KLM Kryptonians Sat 12:30PM MapPoint Grey Turf.
21 SEP 13 VAFC 98Impact VUFC Whitecaps Sat 10:00AM MapAndy Livingston Turf E N
28 SEP 13 VUFC Whitecaps WVA Storm Sat 12:30PM MapPoint Grey Turf.
5 OCT 13 RCH Ravens VUFC Whitecaps Sat 12:00PM MapMinoru Park Oval
19 OCT 13 VUFC Whitecaps NVF Storm 98 Sat 12:30PM MapPoint Grey Turf.
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 RCY Storm 10:15AM Map Queens Park E Syrus Bacha 604-521-1946
          John Puffer 604-644-4610
2 KLM Kryptonians 10:15AM Map Andy Livingstone Turf W N Jen Lee 604-719-0504
          Parm Pannum 778-837-9814
3 WVA Storm 12:00PM Map Ambleside E Ed Langford 604-921-9780
          Vanessa Williams 604-922-5465
4 NVF Storm 98 6:00PM Map Windsor AT E Kevin Adolf 604-924-1194
          Jacki Steenken 604-307-1953
5 VUFC 98Lightning 12:30PM Map Point Grey Turf. Brad Newby 6042644442
          Grainne Hoy 6042699115
6 MAR 98United 6:15PM Map Memorial South Turf Jagdeep Sanghera 604-808-6411
7 VAFC 98Impact 10:00AM Map Andy Livingston Turf E N Eric Teevens 604-505-1116
          Martin Littlejohn 604-254-4266
8 RCH Ravens 12:00PM Map Minoru Park Oval Greg Clark 604-524-3121
          Bruno Scavazza 604-828-0392
9 NVF Wild 98 6:00PM Map Windsor AT E Jon Evans 604-971-1361
          Francine Trouwborst 604-985-2718
10 VUFC Whitecaps 12:30PM Map Point Grey Turf. Gautamn Sarwal 604-375-4137
          Justin Jelic 604-709-9711


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