U15 B Team Schedule

4 District League 2014 Sept-Oct

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field
6 SEP 14 WVA Lions NVF Sabres Sat 12:00PM MapAmbleside B
13 SEP 14 NVF Spartans WVA Lions Sat 12:00PM MapInter-River Park #7
20 SEP 14 WVA Lions VUFC Troopers Sat 12:00PM MapAmbleside B
27 SEP 14 NVF Wolverines WVA Lions Sat 4:15PM MapWilliam Griffin Park Turf
4 OCT 14 WVA Lions RCY Gunners Sat 12:00PM MapAmbleside B
18 OCT 14 NVF Grizzlies WVA Lions Sat 12:00PM MapMcCartney Creek Park
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 RCY Gunners 12:15PM Map Mercer Oval Jas Gill 778-891-7539
2 NVF Grizzlies 12:00PM Map McCartney Creek Park Jason Rook 604-929-6221
    alternate 12:30PM Sunrise Park AW Andrea Venegas-Rook 604-802-5561
3 NVF Rockets 12:00PM Map Inter-River Park #4 Andrew Skuse 604-338-3002
    alternate 12:30PM Myrtle AW Darlene Hickey 604-988-3558
4 NVF Scorpions 12:00PM Map Inter-River Park #7 jim glass 604-988-1240
    alternate 12:30PM Argyle School Anita Dawson 604-980-0514
5 VUFC Olympians 3:45PM Map UBC Varsity Julia Siddall 604-738-9433
          Stephane Meyer 604-734-0544
6 WVA Lions 12:00PM Map Ambleside B Jon Bracken 604-921-8736
    alternate 12:00PM Ridgeview AW  
7 VAFC 00Wolves 1:45PM Map Clinton Park South Dorian Salmon 604-5513681
    alternate 1:45PM Gladstone School AW Carlo Bodrogi 778-834-9989
8 WBN Falcons 7:00PM Map Burnaby Lake West #2 Jean-Jacques Poidevin 604-765-0246
9 NVF Phantoms 12:00PM Map McCartney Creek Park Russell Ward 604-990-9238
    alternate 12:30PM Sunrise Park AW Rachel Eaves 778-340-6250
10 NVF Sabres 12:00PM Map Inter-River Park #4 Dalma Szabo 604-985-0391
    alternate 12:30PM Myrtle AW Susan Toews 604-980-6244
11 NVF Spartans 12:00PM Map Inter-River Park #7 Jeff Clark 604-987-3470
    alternate 12:30PM Argyle School jennifer curleigh 604-904-8586
12 VUFC Troopers 3:45PM Map UBC Varsity Linda Butterfield 604-732-3407
          Jordan Chung 778-686-8677
13 NVF Wolverines 4:15PM Map William Griffin Park Turf brennen mclean 604-230-1992
          sonja bjornson 604-971-1344


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