U14 B2 Team Schedule

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field
7 SEP 13 NVF Spartans VUFC Troopers Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
14 SEP 13 VUFC Troopers VUFC 01Olympians Sat 2:00PM MapShannon Park
21 SEP 13 MAR Panthers VUFC Troopers Sat 2:00PM MapOak Park E
28 SEP 13 VUFC Troopers WVA Lions Sat 2:00PM MapShannon Park
5 OCT 13 NVF Sabres VUFC Troopers Sat 12:00PM MapSowden Park
19 OCT 13 VUFC Troopers NVF Wolverines Sat 2:00PM MapShannon Park
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 VAFC 2000Wolves 8:30AM Map Andy Livingstone Turf W N Dorian Salmon 604-551-3681
          Brian Pollock 604 317 2026
2 NVF Rockets 12:00PM Map Sowden Park Randy Ash 604-987-1779
    alternate 12:30PM Heywood North AW Darlene Hickey 604-988-3558
3 NVF Spartans 2:00PM Map Sowden Park Jeff Clark 604-987-3470
    alternate 2:30PM Heywood North AW Jennifer Curleigh 604-904-8586
4 VUFC 01Olympians 2:00PM Map Shannon Park Julia Siddall 604-738-9433
    alternate 2:00PM Kerrisdale School Lower Stephane Meyer 604-734-0544
5 MAR Panthers 2:00PM Map Oak Park E Simranjit Randhawa 604-375-0633
    alternate 2:00PM Oak Park AW Alexander Guy 6043248623
6 WVA Lions 4:00PM Map Ambleside E Jon Bracken 604-921-8736
          Benjamin Furneaux 778-828-3964
7 NVF Sabres 12:00PM Map Sowden Park Dalma Szabo 604-985-0391
    alternate 12:30PM Heywood North AW Susan Toews 604-980-6244
8 NVF Wolverines 2:00PM Map Sowden Park Brennen Mclean 604-230-1992
    alternate 2:30PM Heywood North AW Sonja Bjornson 604-971-1344
9 VUFC Troopers 2:00PM Map Shannon Park Linda Butterfield 604-732-3407
    alternate 2:00PM Kerrisdale School Lower David Rawsthorne 604.732.1519


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