U14 B2 Team Schedule

4 District League Nov-Feb 2014-15

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Date Home Team Away Team Day Time Field
1 NOV 14 NVF Vipers MAR Spurs Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
8 NOV 14 Bye Bye NVF Vipers      
22 NOV 14 NVF Vipers CAU Orange Crush 20 Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
29 NOV 14 VUFC Karma NVF Vipers Sat 1:45PM MapTrillium E
6 DEC 14 NVF Vipers NVF Stealth Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
13 DEC 14 KLM Kickers NVF Vipers Sat 1:15PM MapHillcrest Dinmont
10 JAN 15 NVF Vipers VUFC Cobras Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
17 JAN 15 MAR Spurs NVF Vipers Sat 12:00PM MapOak Park E
24 JAN 15 NVF Vipers Bye Bye      
31 JAN 15 CAU Orange Crush 20 NVF Vipers Sat 12:00PM MapConfederation Park
7 FEB 15 NVF Vipers VUFC Karma Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
14 FEB 15 NVF Stealth NVF Vipers Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
21 FEB 15 NVF Vipers KLM Kickers Sat 2:00PM MapSowden Park
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 NVF Stealth 2:00PM Map Sowden Park Tannis Louie 604-924-0102
    alternate 2:30PM Heywood North AW  
2 KLM Kickers 1:15PM Map Hillcrest Dinmont Klaus Iden 604-321-1091
    alternate 1:15PM Strathcona Park AW Felix Saldanh 604-433-5152
3 VUFC Cobras 1:45PM Map Trillium E Ralph Rushton 604-224-6938
          Shawn Ross 604-733-5830
4 MAR Spurs 12:00PM Map Oak Park E Tyler Matthews 778-686-6636
    alternate 12:00PM Oak Park AW Coutrney Dixon 778-886-7937
5 NVF Vipers 2:00PM Map Sowden Park Darran Sealey 604-986-8995
    alternate 2:30PM Heywood North AW Eva Longoz 604-971-1115
6 CAU Orange Crush 2001 12:00PM Map Confederation Park Albert Suh 604-839-1753
7 VUFC Karma 1:45PM Map Trillium E Alexander Mardon 604-569-6699
          Victor Lo 6049703699


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