4 District League 2015-2016 U15 S1 Contacts

 4 District League 2015-2016

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  Club Team SEP 12 SEP 19 SEP 26 OCT 3 OCT 17
1 NVF Storm-2001 A2 H3 A4 H5 A6
2 WVA Strikers H1 A8 A3 H4 A5
3 NVF Maverick-2001 H7 A1 H2 A8 A4
4 VUFC Eagles H6 A7 H1 A2 H3
5 RFC Wolves H8 A6 H7 A1 H2
6 MAR Blue Aces A4 H5 H8 A7 H1
7 NVF Riptide-2001 A3 H4 A5 H6 H8
8 VAFC 01Titans A5 H2 A6 H3 A7
No. Club Team Time Field Email Coach Phone
1 NVF Storm-2001 Sat 2:00PM Sowden Park email Gord Howard 604-985-5677
    alternate 2:30PM Heywood North AW   Dianne Wanless 604-805-4281
2 WVA Strikers Sat 8:30AM Ambleside D email Gary Winters 604-921-1108
          email Carolyn Ritchie 604-880-1085
3 NVF Maverick-2001 Sat 6:45PM Sutherland AT email Wade Cox 604-984-3614
          email Marjan Darbari 604-924-3673
4 VUFC Eagles Sat 2:00PM UBC Warren AT email Adam Demello (604) 369-4717
          email Don Histed (604) 537-7487
5 RFC Wolves Sat 1:00PM Boyd Oval email Ken Glasspool 604-540-0999
    alternate 1:00PM Minoru #3   Brandon Glasspool 604-540-0999
            Cindy Glasspool 604-540-0999
6 MAR Blue Aces Sat 10:00AM Andy Livingston Turf E email Bruce Forde 604-649-7638
          email Dino Anastopulos  
7 NVF Riptide-2001 Sat 6:45PM Sutherland AT email Grant Sauer 604-669-6509
          email Wendy Wong 604-306-4703
8 VAFC 01Titans Sat 2:15PM Douglas Park email Mark Johnston 604-255-9189
    alternate 2:15PM Gladstone School AW   Haymond Lam 604-879-5558
  Wk#   Date Notes  
  5 10 OCT 15 Thanksgiving - No games scheduled.  


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